Imagining the things they did before the boys were allowed to go topside.

Just a quick sketch using windows paint. Haven’t been active lately. Hope to change that. Super busy. But I live. 

Yay! I finished! Hugs from Mikey! Everybody gets the hug!

Decided to try a SAINW drawing. I remember watching this episode for the first time as a kid. I always thought Leo loved Karai. Darn imagination of my childhood!

Anyway this picture is set maybe ten years after Donnie’s disappearance. Winter time. I listened to “Clarity” while drawing this. :(

Karai! Once again! Definitely older maybe tmnt 2k3 Karai. Maybe SAINW  version in that side view. Meh.I’ve got to stop drawing on lined paper. Going to play around with this one.

Oh look! Progress! Going to finish eventually!

*Tch* Raph and April have had enough, Leo.

Quick Sketch. I have some free time today!

I’m so upset.

"Why is the hammer in the refrigerator, Donatello?", Splinter asked.

Yay! Combination of 30 sec pic and ten word story.


Work in Progress