I just really liked how this looked before I fully colored it for some reason. :)

Happy Falling Anniversary Fantasia Wandering!

Took me awhile to finish so it’s a little late!

Thank you for all the effort you put into your writing. Thank you for sharing your talent and time. You are fantastic and I love you and your stories! Thank you again for your kindness and enthusiasm! :D

Not finished with this, hopefully I’ll be able to clean it up some more.

A switch up of Donnie and April’s feelings.

I’m having way too much fun with these. :D

Another switch up of Donnie and April’s feelings.

Another switch up of Donnie and April’s feelings and actions. 

I want to do the the aftermath of this. :D

If April and Donnie’s feeling were switched.

I’ve been having a lot of fun reversing Donnie and April’s interactions. Obviously this one’s a switch of Donnie asking if April wanted to feel his bicep. 

Ah..ha..this was very satisfying to see.

Imagining the things they did before the boys were allowed to go topside.

Just a quick sketch using windows paint. Haven’t been active lately. Hope to change that. Super busy. But I live. 

Yay! I finished! Hugs from Mikey! Everybody gets the hug!

Decided to try a SAINW drawing. I remember watching this episode for the first time as a kid. I always thought Leo loved Karai. Darn imagination of my childhood!

Anyway this picture is set maybe ten years after Donnie’s disappearance. Winter time. I listened to “Clarity” while drawing this. :(